Refund Policy

NEW learning platform coming soon!
AGLC's new platform for our learning management system (LMS) is launching in 2024. The GAIN program, Anti-Money Laundering training and SMART Programs will move to the new platform. The new platform will offer multiple training programs with one learning account. We will inform you as soon as our launch date is confirmed.

The ability to purchase ProServe activation tickets will end 30 days before the deactivation of this platform. All unused activation tickets must be redeemed prior to deactivation. These dates will be announced once confirmed by AGLC. (

Please save all documentation required by your organization outside of the current application. Ensure it is accessible to designated parties before the redemption deadline.

Refund Form submission deadline 
If you cannot use your activation tickets, you may apply for a refund. Redeemed tickets and online program purchases are not eligible for the refund offer.

Complete the Activation Ticket Refund Request form and email it to

Information provided on the Activation Ticket Refund Request form must match the SMART Program account holder information on file to be approved for a refund. Please ensure your account information is up to date.